Big Kev over at Crew Supporters Union came up with the idea to have a special commemorative scarf for the upcoming friendly against Newcastle United.  He asked us to come up with a design that would include the Crew Union badge (the creation of good friend, terrific graphic artist, and Crew Supporters Union member Aaron Brown), the 4th Street Bar & Grill logo (the home bar of Crew Supporters Union who were graciously sponsoring the project), and the date and location of the match (July 26, 2011 at Crew Stadium).  Also, he thought it might be neat to have a Newcastle Magpie and a Columbus Canary somewhere on the scarf.  We completely agreed that magpies and canaries (or goldfinch canaries--you get the point) would, indeed, be neat.  For the reverse side, he basically told us to make it fun.  

We sketched out the design over a few beers at O'Reilly's Pub (our Old North neighborhood hangout which attained total Massiveness when they adorned their famous sign with this simple statement).  By the time we had a workable plan, we all agreed that what we thought was going to be the "business" side, with its scrolling "Columbus" and "Newcastle" ribbons was probably going to end up being just as much fun as the "fun" side.  So I thought we would change up the back, make it a classic bar scarf, and throw in a 70s UK punk twist.  There was a sort of elegant symmetry between "MASSIVE" and "MAGPIES" that we could add some conflict and tension to (it is a soccer match, after all) by turning the Impact font characters at random jaunty angles a la classic MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, with black alternating with the gold of Columbus and the white of Newcastle.  We had a couple more beers, agreed that this would be the way to go, and went home to get to work on the finished design.  Kev cleared it with his Crew Supporters Union members a few days later, and sent it on to the good people at SportsScarf for production.

And there you have it.  We're very excited to see how they turn out.  It's stuff like this that makes supporting those who support Columbus awesome.  Here's the details on how you can go and buy one from Crew Supporters Union.