Last year, the first-ever match between Columbus and the PhUtile introduced the Massive to a brand new batch of self-important "big-city" supporters who, while somewhat less intensely sententious than their TFC and Seattle predecessors, still gloried ad nauseam in the supercilious newness of being the latest, greatest version of "MLS 2.0."  The Nordecke travelled to New York's biggest suburb in triple-digit numbers in support of the Crew (demand for tickets was reportedly 2 to 3 times the number that made it into PPL Park, but Philly's no-phun FO limited away support tickets).  As Steven "Goalfunkel" Lenhart put two past Chris Seitz, resulting in a 2-1 victory for Columbus, the cheers of NorOnTour echoed through the stadium and across some mildly impressive bridge that New Jerseyans have been throwing each other off of since the '70s.  It was the Thursday night MLS Game of the Week on some network that is no longer of consequence in Columbus called ESPN2, and the recently opened Hudson Street Hooligans club was packed with Crew supporters.  Many of us had hoped to travel to the newest soccer-specific homage to Lamar Hunt's Columbus Crew Stadium, and the sights and sounds of our traveling support made us feel like we were there with them. 

It's a part of supporting Columbus to be aware and to be proud that your city and your team will be underestimated and overlooked.  Interstate arrogance is what we have come to expect from the hipsters, media, and even from the league commissioner (yeah, I said it) who have reliably done their best to maintain indifference toward our city and our supporters.  We're fine with it because we're confident in and encouraged by our love for our city.  And besides, knowledge is power, as they say, and we know just about everything about just about every other city's supporters because they, thankfully, won't stop telling us about how great they are.  So, we knew what we would get from Philly, which was more or less the east coast version of what we get from Toronto when they pop up now and then like a Canadian cold sore.  Despite Columbus being a founding member of MLS, despite having had supporters groups in various incarnations since the 1990s, despite being a dependable rock in the foundation of the league since 1994, and despite being the site of what is still the single most important achievement this league has accomplished (pioneering the viable soccer specific stadium), there are an endless supply of freshmen fools eager to tell us how they've seen it all, done it all, invented it all, blah blah blah.  We stand proud despite being surrounded by all of that, and there is only one thing that needs to be said...

Now, go forth and Be Massive.

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