There's been lots of work done by lots of good people in the last week-and-a-half to get the Hooligans club back open, and we've been glad to contribute to the cause (the best place to keep tabs on the progress is Pitch Fest). A couple days ago, we heard good news that the city is working with the effort, and that there is a possibility that the club will be open for the match this Saturday against New England Revolution.  Having the club open on match days is critical to the success of this effort, because the biggest source of revenue for the club are the Hudson Street Hooligans who make their first stop at the bar on match day pilgrimages that eventually lead to our cathedral: Columbus Crew Stadium.  And that match day revenue is tremendously important for HSH to be able to make the improvements to the building that the City of Columbus is requiring.  We look forward to hearing the official announcement that the club will be open on Saturday.  Should that happen, it will be a great victory--but only a first victory, and the work must, and will, continue.

The day after the announcement of the closure and the first emergency meeting of HSH at Crest Tavern, we did a quick poster/flier for people who support Hooligans to print off and distribute as they saw fit.  Even though it was quickly done, we had a great deal of positive response.  It was really cool to see it used as the main page graphic for the new savehooligans.com site, which has been set up by HSH as a place where donations can be made to the cause.

Since then, we've worked on some more-detailed graphics for projects to raise money and attention.  The first big project was a t-shirt.  We created a design, and HSH Club Administrator Blake Compton put us in touch with the awesome Zachary Traxler at Traxler Tees.  This is the result:

The shirt is for sale for $15.00 through Traxler Tees online and from Hudson Street Hooligans.  All profits from the shirt go to help open Hooligans, so buy one or two or twenty.

The next project is a poster version of the t-shirt design.  That's the image at the top of this blog post.  This is in the works as we speak, and we will keep everyone apprised of developments with that project.

It is almost beyond comprehension how small business people, community leaders, the media, and city officials of all branches of government and all political parties are responding to the amazing effort of the Hudson Street Hooligans and our allies to reopen this important landmark in Columbus, and this important landmark in the progress of soccer supporters' culture in Major League Soccer and the United States.  This is the kind of positive effort that can be a model for how to get things done when the lumbering weight of bureaucracy stands in the way of improving a community.  Good things are going to come of this, I feel it.  But only if, together, we all...