Sloganeering.  It's all so sacerdotal.  The branding process is mystified and results are rationalized, be they good or bad.  Sloganeering tends to economize—or, more simply, more aptly put, cheapen—meaning, and produces a momentarily appealing veneer that cloaks and darkens what was once spontaneously born, organically grown in time, and of more value than can be represented on an invoice for marketing services rendered.   Typically, the recipe for sloganeering is co-optation; and the result is a poached passion, watered-down creativity, and the undermining of integrity and purity that is worth so much more than its weight in (Black &) Gold.

I've been thinking a lot about this, lately; but there is a Galaxy to help black out, now.  In the mean time, know this: Massive makes its own light.