Admit it, you're humming this silently right now. Go ahead. Do it louder. Let go. Trust me. 

Like new versions of the Death Star, the tried-and-true "Black Out The Galaxy" promotion (a favorite thesis-subject of sports-marketing majors at great American universities, I'm sure) returns as a fully armed and operational battle station tomorrow night.

To be fair, even though CSC stormtroopers live in a perpetual state of professional terror that some Crew fan will bring an actual functioning lightsaber to Crew Stadium, it really is kind of fun to have a Star Wars-themed promotion every year at our revered redoubt of MLS rebellion, the Nordecke at Crew Stadium. Though, this year, the Crew have decided to make it Men In Black-themed, which is odd since we no longer have black kits and the Galaxy this year (kind of) do . . . awkward.

Nevertheless, tomorrow will not be remembered for promotions and themes. It will be about respect and reverence, gratefulness and good cheer. There are so many dedications planned to show appreciation for the life of Kirk Urso and to the Columbus players who will be on the pitch in yellow that it will be too much to ask to see and remember every expression of support—but we will try. It's going to be fun, then it will be sad, and then it will be fun again. If you were at Crew Stadium on August 20, 2011 when the Nordecke remembered and celebrated the life of Joel Reynaga, you'll never forget it. The match against Philadelphia was secondary. Supporting Joel's family and La Turbina Amarilla was more important. It was terribly sad, and the Nordecke tifosi said goodbye the best way we knew how, and then we had fun, together. It was an honor to be a part of that day, and tomorrow night will be like that. Blacking Out The Galaxy will be secondary; supporting Kirk's family and teammates will be far, far more important.

And then, rain or shine, we're going to have a blast.