These young men, we get to know them quickly. They may be with us for many years, or maybe only a season or two, and, this being Columbus, we inevitably get to know them as friends. It's one of the many qualities of this sport in this city that make it the best sport in the best place in the world. We supporters know their names and faces minutes after they sign on to our team, and, after a couple of seasons, they often get to know our names and faces, too. They mean a lot to us. They mean more to us than athletes in other sports and other cities with whom a fan might identify as heroes, because we identify with them as friends.

Kirk Urso was here for less than a year. We knew him by name and by face and by number. Our time with him was sorrowfully short. Who can have any doubt that he was going to be our great friend?

This young man, we didn't get to know quick enough; but he will remain with us, and he will Be Massive.

Be Massive, My Friend. Always.