Tomorrow is the MLS SuperDraft. Quite a few Columbus supporters will be in attendance. It's a moment where everyone looks forward to the new careers that are about to be launched into a blah blah blah blah...

We're going because we need to do something Crewish and drink a lot of beer.

Before we welcome some new players to the Crew, I thought I'd launch something that never had a chance to take flight. It's a design for a William Hesmer tifo that I did early in 2012. The plan—yes, there was a plan—was to share this and create it in large scale to be displayed directly behind the Crew Stadium north goal on the occasion that the greatest goalkeeper in Columbus history—yes, trophies talk, American internationals walk—made his return from injury to the starting lineup.

This, alas, never happened.

William Hesmer was let go by the Crew, and his rights were claimed by the Los Angeles Galaxy, or someone. Anyway, he won't be playing in Black & Gold this season. This is sad for me. I wanted this banner to be hoisted up and draped from the Crew Stadium stage as Will took his position in goal where he won the MLS Cup and two Supporters Shields, while quite literally putting his health and well-being on the line, and leading this team through thick and thin. I wanted to see him turn around, look at it, and give Nordecke his customary thumbs up and determined gaze.

Well, maybe someday. Who knows.

In the meantime, hope you like it. You'll just have to imagine. And all the best, William Hesmer.