One reason why I like the current Columbus Crew badge is because it actually does reflect an essential part of Ohio—a now less-dominant characteristic of Ohio, but an essential part of it, nonetheless.

There are still workers around Ohio who look like the 3 men in the Crew crest, and the Crew should still represent them, too. There are still steel mills, car factories, power plants, construction companies, and other businesses where the hardhat is part of the everyday lives of Ohioans. The economy and politics of the late 1970s, 80s, and early 90s were hard, to say the least, on the industries that thrived in the towns and cities around Columbus. Many of those cities are struggling to find their futures, but there are still hardhat jobs and careers that remain in the iron circle of cities that surround the capital of Ohio.

The economy has certainly changed, and Columbus has led Ohio in the scientific/knowledge/service direction of the new economy; but the heritage of manufacturing and making things remains. I recently saw this video on a friend's Facebook page. It shows Columbus craftsmen working at the Idea Foundry. This spirit to make things is still strong in Columbus. Politicians and business leaders do what's in their short-term interests, but the nature of Ohioans is to buildproduceconstruct, and invent. Those are long-term qualities that are essential, and will not fade.

I've written earlier in this series about keeping a portion of the workers alive in the badge, even though the time for something new is certainly upon us. I've thought a lot about how the essence of the Crew crest can remain, but the imagery change to reflect something new. With that in mind, I thought that maybe the image of molten gold being poured from a crucible into the shape of a new ring would be a proper symbol for the New Crew.

The crucible is a powerful symbol of work, practice, process, craftsmanship, and determination. It's a strong symbol for a team that wants to represent the new Columbus, Ohio, but retain the spirit of America's Hardest Working Team.