One of the themes during 28 in 28 has been Columbus' involvement in soccer as the world sport. Our city has a role to play, and, through varying ways, the Columbus Crew has become known to soccer fans around the world. Surprisingly, our current crest is quite recognizable around the world. It shows up in places where you would least expect.

I mentioned in an earlier post how Argentina has been a source for some of the greatest players to play for the Crew, including our current captain Federico Higuain. Argentine soccer is on another level than what we are familiar with as fans of MLS. The level of play, the greatest players in the world, rivalries, competitive intensity, stadium experience, and the supporters culture are very different than what we have in the United States and MLS. Even the Pope is an Argentine football supporter. There are obvious structural and societal reasons for the differences between Argentine soccer and MLS, and while we can admire or aspire to perform on a more Argentine level, we can be happy to know that there are many talented players who have made the move to MLS, and surely more to come in the future. Our players will be better because of the influence of Argentina.

I thought that it was a must to do an Argentine-style badge as a redesign. It took surprisingly longer to do than I expected it would. Drawing the letters in a way that would make them fit into concentric circles and still be legible as "Columbus" was not as simple as I thought it would be. I did no fewer than 4 (seriously, four in 4 hours…so much for free time) revisions today, and finally arrived at one that I liked.  It's interesting to me that so many clubs in Argentina have this style of badge—from the Primera Division, to farther down the Argentine soccer pyramid. Yet this style is far less common in other leagues in other nations. There's never been a crest like it in Major League Soccer.

If a team is going to try it, why not Ciudad Massive.