We're half-way through 28 in 28. Can you believe it? Justin McIntosh at the Columbus Alive did another nice recap for week 2 on the paper's blog yesterday. You should check it out. We've received a few submissions from people who want to share their ideas, and those should be up on the Alive blog, soon. Keep sending them in! Remember, if you want to share your vision for the new Crew crest with us, email it to massivecityffc@gmail.com.

Since we're at the half-way point (and since I haven't had a day off in, literally, weeks) I thought it was time to do something a little off-beat and also time to take a bit of a break. So no long essay to accompany this design. Instead, I thought I'd let you guys do a little of your own research. The name of this design gives a clue to its inspiration—probably way too obvious of a clue, actually.

What I'm thinking is this: figure out what inspired this design, then, see if you can locate it somewhere. The first person to email a picture to us of themselves with a "Go Crew!" sign standing by a version of what inspired this design will get a Massive City FFC T-shirt. This might be tough, or maybe someone will get it right away. We'll see...

Thanks for making the first two weeks of 28 in 28 a lot of fun. I suppose all that's left to be said is @!#?@!