While I'm still recovering from my surprise dental adventure of 2 days ago and (responsibly) enjoying the heck out of this pain medication, I thought I would take one more day to do something a little off-beat and fun. I think tomorrow I'll get back to something a little more in depth and expansive. If everything goes okay with the idea that I have for tomorrow, it may even be a tad bit controversial.

For today, I thought I'd update something I've worked on in the past, but present it as a soccer crest. We have a tradition as Columbus Crew fans and Crew television announcer Dwight Burgess of calling our team's all-yellow uniforms "Massive Banana Kits." I've always liked that. Hopefully, we keep that tradition alive with new all-yellow uniforms in the upcoming uniform unveiling early next month.

In the spirit of the Banana Kit, this crest redesign is based on a familiar corporate logo. It's an image that I've worked on before, but never used for anything until now. Rick Thomas asked me a couple years ago if he could create a two-stick version of that particular image, and of course I said yes. It's still one of my favorite two-stick banners.