International inspiration has been a common theme during this project. So far we've gone to Africa, South America, Italy, Germany, and talked briefly about soccer clubs in England and even Cyprus. Let's do it again in this post. 

The most common foreign inspiration that I've seen in redesigns for the Columbus Crew crest is Germany. The reason for that is the significant role in Columbus that German immigrants have had since 1812. I've written in this series already about how I hope consideration is given to the diverse history of Columbus, and that this city is far more than just German Village; but, that said, GV is a really interesting and important part of this city. So, I thought that it would be fun to do a thoroughly German Village inspired crest design. However, I wanted it to be different than the ones that I've seen others do, and done myself, that borrow heavily from current Bundesliga clubs—particularly Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and sometimes Dynamo Dresden and Hannover 96

Instead, I thought that I'd use the German coat of arms—the Bundesadler, instead of the Bundesliga—as inspiration. The German Village Society has used as their insignia a version of the coat of arms, and it's found several other places around the neighborhood. The shoulders of the black eagle on the German coat of arms create a "C" shape that I used, here. I also used the shape of its shield. 

The name "Die Alte Sud Ende" means "The Old South End" which is what German Village was originally called. Take some time to watch the German Village episode of WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods series, if you haven't already. It's totally worth it.